Morgan Lee Alain

An explorer of wild places and visual storyteller, Morgan lee Alain captures both the deep love of adventure and soul of current society. She is passionate about protecting the environment and promotes conservation through education with her images.

Morgan’s emotional eye for "the shot" stems from her upbringing on the wild terrain of British Columbia with Canada as her playground. As a child, Morgan devoted her time to exploring nature in her childhood and adolescence years with a strong work ethic and spiritual values being ingrained into her character at a young age. In her early twenties she left her job in Kamloops, BC in pursuit for great change and applied for Brooks Institute of Photography in California. After graduating with her BA in professional photography, Morgan utilized her instinctive ability and her acquired skills to establish a captivating style of shooting a versatile range of subjects, including wildlife, underwater, travel, cultures, nature, documentary and lifestyle.