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Bobbi Bennett is a California based fine arts photographer. Her work is in permanent collection in museums nationally, and she has been an exhibiting artist internationally for over 25 years.

Bennett has received numerous awards, including the International Exposure Award for her “Fallen Angels” which was displayed in the Louvre, Paris, France.

Bennett considers herself a thematic photographer. Her themes include Angels, Native Americans, Landscape, Superheroes, and Various Goddess Icons. She works on each theme anywhere from 2-6 years. Each series includes approximately 30-50 large color photographs.

Bennett’s “Angels” series has perhaps garnered the most attention from critics. The complex posing of human models in homage to figures in Greek and Christian mythology again explore the possibilities of human souls.

The photographs are intensely beautiful, with naked figures poised, reaching, curling into each other, feathered wings, aloft. ….. And yet, they are also crouched, hidden, turned away from our view.

They ask, “What is divine?” “What is human?”

Her “Fallen Angels” from this series won the prestigious International Exposure prize and was displayed in the Louvre, Paris, France.

An earlier series, her “Superheroes” collection features photographs of superheroes and icons, such as Wonderwoman, Superman, and the Dukes of Hazzard, using costumed models in famous poses which simultaneously recreate such icons and creates a sense of the “unheimlich,” both the familiar (Wonderwoman!) and yet unfamiliar (Not Linda Carter!).

The brightly colored, often intensely close up photographs, seem to both reify and question the idea that anyone can become a super/hero, a common theme in comic books and television series.